Why Seeking Dead Animal Removal Services is Important?

Why Seeking Dead Animal Removal Services is Important?  

Do you sense an intense foul smell inside your house but cannot detect its exact source? Is your space infested with pests? There might be a pest lying dead hidden from your eyes somewhere inside. 

Rodents, lizards, and other house pests are experts in creating their secretive hideouts. These hideout zones sometimes are so secretive that reaching there easily becomes a challenge. Did you just manage to eradicate a few of the pestering pests? Wow, Congrats! But, who will remove the carcass now? 

It is not just about whether you feel comfortable doing this nasty job or not. Sometimes pulling out the carcass from the hideout zones is next to impossible without getting totally messed up. 

Al-Maani Pest Control Services do not stay restricted to chasing off, relocating, and eradicating living pests only. We also offer assistance with dead animal removal services in Melbourne

Yes, call us the moment a rancid and putrid smell hits hard your nostrils and you suspect it to be of a decaying pest. 


The Prominent Reasons

It is very important you seek professional help on discovering a carcass of a dead animal lying within your property premise. It needs immediate attention. Why?

  • The smell of the decomposing animal will get overpowering as time passes, choking the house occupants and neighbours 
  • If you have a pet, you will notice the animal will try to go near the carcass and sniff it. It will get itself infected heavily in the process. 
  • Dead animals attract parasites and various disease causing germs, triggering your vulnerabilities to infections. 
  • Many flies feed on the carcass of dead animals lying unattended. The flies then sit on all possible household items, and on people spreading the infections happily. 


How Do We help? 

Al-Maani professionals offer the best dead animal removal services in Melbourne. With our experience in removing the carcasses, our team knows what to do and what not for preventing the spread of infections.  



Our experts reach your place as soon as possible. Obviously, this is the kind of job you wish us to deliver without delay at all. After all, how long your nose can tolerate the odour!  We will be extra prompt with our deliverance here. 

We come prepared properly. Chasing and catching pests requires a kind of preparation. And, taking out the carcass from a confining hideout space and getting rid of it appropriately needs different types of protective measures and preparations. Touching them without ensuring sufficient personal protection can pose a major threat to one, healthwise. 

The carcasses of dead pests like rodents carry innumerable microbes and pathogens. Touching them unprotected can compromise health for sure. Pests, like rodents and pest birds,  always transmit diseases to humans and their lifeless bodies also do not go light on us in this regard. 

We will come to your rescue carrying all the necessary tools and following the right procedure to take them out and dispose of them. 


Do not try to touch the carcass barehand, we repeat it! It will seriously affect your health and others around you. Just call us and let professionals do the needful. 

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