Pests at Commercial Sites Are Not Beautiful Sights

Pests at Commercial Sites Are Not Beautiful Sights

Pest infestation in Australia is not a new thing and it happens to be a headache for the people of this continent. A pest-infested commercial site is as dreadful as their presence in one’s home can be. At Al-Maani Pest Control Services, we offer reliable, readily accessible and affordable commercial pest control in Melbourne

We can address various pest concerns at a variety of commercial sites and businesses. Our team realized the impact that pests can cast on the safety and reputation of your business. 


Are You Taking the Pests Lightly? 

Who would pay you to avail products from you or access your service when your operation site is infested by pests? 

Almost everybody knows quite well that pests carry disease-causing germs, which can seriously damage one’s health. People these days are rushing to gyms and clinics for staying in good health. They are taking extra measures to stay fit. 

Who will come to your business to compromise their health?  NOBODY! 


The Facts YOU Need to Know Right NOW! 

A single mouse is reported to mess up your commercial space with 40-200 droppings EVERY DAY! Each of these rat/mouse droppings is a serious health hazard to anyone around. 

The gestation period in mice is only 20 days. In their 2 years of lifespan, they reproduce 200-300 little ones! The little ones will start mating immediately after they are 1 or 2 months old. Do the calculation now. They will overrun you and your employees in your own office/shop. 

These rodents eat 15-20 times every day. Let the almighty have some mercy on your stocked edible items in the pantry section! 

Cockroaches carry 30 HARMFUL bacteria species in their guts and cuticles! Even a small-scale infestation will take around 10 days for complete eradication. And, a roach lays 10-40 eggs simultaneously

Allergies, serious infections and several diseases make the site a creepy section. 


What Al-Maani team does? 

Infested commercial site owners can book an inspection with the Al-Maani team. We will reach the address and conduct a thorough inspection of the entire property. It is possible that you cannot detect which pest type is messing with your business's health and reputation. 


  • Our skilled pest technicians with years of experience in the industry can help you get acquainted with your pesty enemies and avail of useful information and access a range of possible solutions.
  • We can work with you to minimize the risks of product contamination.
  • Tailor-made pest management programs devised, keeping your specific project details in mind, help us protect your facility from pests successfully.


Our expert and experienced team can implement a series of commercial pest control in Melbourne at your commercial site. And, we do it without compromising the safety standards and established pest control protocols observed in the city. 

Our team can cover all your pest control and prevention needs using both time-tested and innovative tactics. If you want, we can carry out a detailed inspection of your commercial facility periodically to ensure pest concerns stay outside the gate. 



Al-Maani specializes in offering competitively priced commercial pest control for hospitals, restaurants, schools and childcare units, warehouses, offices, retail outlets and shopping centres, factories etc. 


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